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Key Contacts


Tel.: +386 2 584 91 00
Fax: +386 2 584 91 01
E-mail: infofarmtecheu


Konrad Niderl
Mob.: +386 (0)41 229 442
E-mail: konrad.niderlfarmtecheu

HR Business Partner

Tjaša Makoter Frumen
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 08
Mob.: +386 (0)51 245 981
E-mail: tjasa.m.frumenfarmtecheu

Sales manager

Thomas Fössl
Mob.: +43 664 8503682
E-mail: thomas.foesslfarmtecheu

Area Sales Manager - Germany

Marko Döring
Mob.: +49 (0)151 14532915
E-mail: marko.doeringfarmtecheu

Area Sales Manager - Austria, Switzerland

Danilo Fras
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 32
Mob.: +386 (0)51 677 862
E-mail: danilo.frasfarmtecheu

Area Sales Manager - Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia

Oton Bogdan
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 30
Mob.: +386 (0)41 716 526
E-mail: oton.bogdanfarmtecheu

Area Sales Manager - Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary

Tomaž Sečko
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 31
Mob.: +386 (0)51 655 054
E-mail: tomaz.seckofarmtecheu

Sales - Croatia

Sašo Potočnik
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 33
Mob.: +386 (0)41 681 104
E-mail: saso.potocnikfarmtecheu

Head of Customer Service & After Sales

Miha Korošec
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 37
Mob.: +386 (0)31 600 283

Sales and spare parts

Matej Kolenko
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 51
Mob.: +386 (0)41 322 051
E-mail: matej.kolenkofarmtecheu

Sales and spare parts

Gabrijela Vočanec
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 15
E-mail: gabrijela.vocanecfarmtecheu

Marketing manager

Aleš Rajh
Tel.: +386 (0)2 584 91 11
Mob.: +386 (0)41 543 132
E-mail: ales.rajhfarmtecheu

Brand Story

"Farming is not a job. It's a way of life."


The combination of tradition and innovation has always been a secret of company Farmtech. Since 1954 co-workers, who are also passionately dedicated to farming, develop and build farming products. Solid, practical construction, exceptional durability and the highest productivity are the most important product characteristics, which contribute to the highest quality standards of Farmtech products.


Our goal is to develop and to offer through intensive collaboration with farmers cost-effective solutions and services, in order to make the work for farmers easier and more profitable efficient. We provide economic and professional solutions, as well as a powerful and competent sales service. This is what our customers can rely on.


As a pioneer for agricultural machinery Farmtech realizes customer needs on the highest level. The comprehensive service for the modern farmer: extensive advice, customized solutions and many years of experience coupled with an irrepressible passion for innovation.


By proximity to our customers, we learn every day from them and can already working on the machines for tomorrow. Together with our customers we are on the search for innovative ideas to verify all of our product line. In this way we are constantly expanding the applications of our machines. What began in 1954 has now become into one of the most successful agricultural machinery manufacturer in Europe. Targeted investments in modern machinery combined with many years of experience and innovative strength of employees make Farmtech a valued partner.


Over the years, farming has become a professional business. First-class technology and the highest quality have become a must. With Komptech, the leading international supplier of technology for machines and plants for the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste and biomass with production facilities in Austria and Germany, Farmtech has made a global player in development. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to stay with innovative ideas and extensive know-how on the road of success and to be a step ahead of competitors.

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Become a Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Farmtech dealer.

If you're the kind of entrepreneur who's interested in building a new or existing business around an exciting brand with high market share and a 60 year history of success, get in touch with us. We'll be glad to provide further information.

Farmtech: An opportunity for dealers
Farmtech is a well-known manufacturer of innovative three-way tippers, all-purpose vehicles and manure spreaders.
We understand that our customers rely on our machines to help them make a living, and that when our customers are successful, so are we. In addition, we depend on our dealers to be partners in providing customers with first-class service. Our staff, whether in the field, in the office, in production or in engineering, deliver products and services that meet customer needs.
We're looking to partner with specialist dealers. We'll work with you to develop and execute a plan for the continued growth of your business and the Farmtech brand.

What Farmtech offers
Farmtech has a strong presence in Europe, and is proud of its highly professional and expert network of independent dealers.

Farmtech supports its dealers with:
- Sales assistance
- Spare parts
- Financing options for customers and dealers
- High level marketing programmes for greater market penetration


Contact us (FT)

Contact Us
We would like to keep you informed about our products and services such as trade show dates and news regarding our various product lines. For this purpose, we would like to send you our newsletter and advertising brochures via post or e-mail, invite you to our trade shows, or, if necessary, contact you personally by phone. To do so, we need to use the personal data you’ provided above, for which we require your consent. In order to provide this consent, please activate “I agree” below. This consent can, of course, be revoked at any time with future effect by emailing
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Visit Farmtech

An exciting look behind the scenes
We know what it takes. That's what we set out to do. But naturally we want to do much more than that. We also want to get our customers excited, develop innovations, live responsibly and create positive experiences. To reach these goals we work to constantly improve. See for yourself, and get a closer look at Farmtech.

Experience our production
Take a look behind the scenes at the Farmtech production facility in Ljutomer, Slovenia. Top technology and precision machinery combined with our employee's deep expertise in building unique agricultural machines ensure top quality that you'll experience on this tour. You'll see what we mean by "We know what it takes".

Philosophy and authenticity
A free tour of the Farmtech plant offers a fascinating opportunity to experience our brand, our innovative products, the tradition and history of our company, and our distinctive philosophy in an authentic way.

Farmtech plant tours (Ljutomer, Slovenia)
Languages: English, German, Slovenian, others on request
Duration about 1.5 hours
Max. group size 25 people (larger groups will be split up)
Dates on request
Address: Farmtech d.o.o., Industrijska ulica 7, 9240 Ljutomer, Slovenia

Please allow us enough time to arrange for your tour. Bear in mind that we can offer tours of the production facility only by prior appointment, and only on working days from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. For more information, call +386 2 584 91 00.


“For emergencies we have a mobile team that ensures fast reactions.”

The Farmtech Service Team

Service, maintenance and repair, plus the timely provision of spare parts, are of critical importance for the success of agricultural machine manufacturers like Farmtech. The average service life of Farmtech’s trailers and spreaders is higher than that of other towed vehicles. That’s because of the quality of the products, the latest manufacturing technologies, the use of high-quality materials, and professional spare parts supply.

With proper use of machines, operators can focus on their core business, while extending service life and thus reducing costs by a considerable amount. However, manufacturers need to react quickly when necessary and offer effective solutions. That’s where our Service Team comes in. In order to serve customers even better we have completely reorganized our service operations. The Service Team currently has two technicians, and added a mobile workshop at the end of last year in the form of a fully equipped vehicle. Meanwhile, two employees at headquarters in Ljutomer make sure spare parts get where they are needed from a very well-stocked warehouse. They are supported by Service and Quality Director Miha Korošec.

In the service of our customers
For a long time now our Service Team has made sure that all important information gets to users. Every detail can have an effect on machine maintenance. So it’s no surprise that Miha Korošec underlines the importance of good communication between customers and Service Team. This doesn’t just help keep performance, economy and availability high, it also lets customers know that their trailer or spreader is in good hands with Farmtech.

New technologies in focus
For many years farmers were expected to take care of their own machinery. But technology gets more complex day by day. Today, machines like trailers and spreaders include numerous electronic controls, hydraulic components, computer-aided systems etc. All these features necessitate maintenance with special tools and knowledge going beyond what a shade-tree mechanic can be expected to have.

Continuous learning
“With new, advanced machines there is a lot to learn. We enjoy staying abreast of the technology and are proud that Farmtech is a pioneer,” says Miha Korošec. He’s not just referring to the company’s leading role in agricultural technology, but also to the ongoing further training of service personnel. This enables them to keep up with technological developments and help customers get the best possible use out of their machines for their full service life.

New service approaches
“If a machine breaks down, Farmtech’s mobile Service Team goes to work. With their experience our technicians assist customers just like they are accustomed to from tractor service people,” says Korošec, adding, “Waiting times used to be longer. Nowadays we can usually get a team to a customer within three to four days for normal maintenance or repair. If it’s a warranty repair or an emergency, we can be there inside 24 hours. It’s for just such emergencies that we set up a mobile fast-reaction team.”

Fast reaction
As cost pressure ruses, efficiency and economy are becoming central issues for agricultural machines. The Farmtech team is aware that even the shortest down time can have dire consequences. Korošec emphasizes that “it’s important to have a positive attitude and offer support to the customer. If they run into problems, our service technicians are there quickly. They are knowledgeable and experienced, and very well equipped. We’ve found that today a service technician has to be more than just a mechanic. He has to understand all the technology and control systems. If there is a fault, we try to repair it on-site. We understand that we need to not just offer capable and reliable service, but also be cost-effective. What we do has to ensure not just reliability, but also economy.”

Confidence in Farmtech
The Service Team provides dependability, certainty, and freedom from worry. When customers entrust the servicing of their Farmtech machines to us we assure them that the work will be done quickly, correctly and reliably. Our knowledgeable service staffers listen, advise and assist, and use quality original Farmtech spares that meet customer needs regardless of the power or age of the machine.


T: +386 2 584 91 37
M: +386 31 600 283
E: servicefarmtecheu