The Farmtech Service Team

Service, maintenance and repair, plus the timely provision of spare parts, are of critical importance for the success of agricultural machine manufacturers like Farmtech.

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„it’s important to have a positive attitude and offer support to the customer. If they run into problems, our service technicians are there quickly“

Matevž Ivanuša

The average service life of Farmtech’s trailers and spreaders is higher than that of other towed vehicles. That’s because of the quality of the products, the latest manufacturing technologies, the use of high-quality materials, and professional spare parts supply. With proper use of machines, operators can focus on their core business, while extending service life and thus reducing costs by a considerable amount. However, manufacturers need to react quickly when necessary and offer effective solutions. That’s where our Service Team comes in.

In the service of our customers

For a long time now our Service Team has made sure that all important information gets to users. Every detail can have an effect on machine maintenance. So it’s no surprise that the sevice manager Matevž Ivanuša underlines the importance of good communication between customers and Service Team. This doesn’t just help keep performance, economy and availability high, it also lets customers know that their trailer or spreader is in good hands with Farmtech.


New technologies in focus

For many years farmers were expected to take care of their own machinery. But technology gets more complex day by day. Today, machines like trailers and spreaders include numerous electronic controls, hydraulic components, computer-aided systems etc. All these features necessitate maintenance with special tools and knowledge going beyond what a shade-tree mechanic can be expected to have.


Continuous learning

“With new, advanced machines there is a lot to learn. We enjoy staying abreast of the technology and are proud that Farmtech is a pioneer,” says Matevž Ivanuša. He’s not just referring to the company’s leading role in agricultural technology, but also to the ongoing further training of service personnel. This enables them to keep up with technological developments and help customers get the best possible use out of their machines for their full service life.

New service approaches

“If a machine breaks down, Farmtech’s mobile Service Team goes to work. With their experience our technicians assist customers just like they are accustomed to from tractor service people,” says Ivanuša, adding, “Waiting times used to be longer. Nowadays we can usually get a team to a customer within three to four days for normal maintenance or repair. If it’s a warranty repair or an emergency, we can be there inside 24 hours. It’s for just such emergencies that we set up a mobile fast-reaction team.”


Fast reaction


As cost pressure ruses, efficiency and economy are becoming central issues for agricultural machines. The Farmtech team is aware that even the shortest down time can have dire consequences. Ivanuša emphasizes that “it’s important to have a positive attitude and offer support to the customer. If they run into problems, our service technicians are there quickly. They are knowledgeable and experienced, and very well equipped. We’ve found that today a service technician has to be more than just a mechanic. He has to understand all the technology and control systems. If there is a fault, we try to repair it on-site. We understand that we need to not just offer capable and reliable service, but also be cost-effective. What we do has to ensure not just reliability, but also economy.”


Confidence in Farmtech

The Service Team provides dependability, certainty, and freedom from worry. When customers entrust the servicing of their Farmtech machines to us we assure them that the work will be done quickly, correctly and reliably. Our knowledgeable service staffers listen, advise and assist, and use quality original Farmtech spares that meet customer needs regardless of the power or age of the machine.


T: +386 2 584 91 51