A Trailer put to an Extreme Test

We have tested the TDK 1500 tandem trailer at the Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr test site in Austria and analysed how it responds in the most extreme conditions - with the aim of assuring continuous quality, durability and safety.

August 29, 2019

Only for the Most Powerful Vehicles
The Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Test Center in St. Valentin, Austria, owned by the Magna Group, has been under the Farmtech domain for three days. The entire 40-acre facility is ideal for testing a variety of high-performance vehicles, ranging from SUVs, pickups and tractors, to heavy 8 × 8 trucks and military armoured vehicles. The testing ground includes a variety of terrain and skill tests of varying degrees of difficulty to perform comprehensive vehicle endurance testing. The test center itself offers many challenges and also presents an opportunity to obtain a variety of information and assessments, which are then analysed by engineers.

Tests Lead to Improvements
We decided to put the proven 15-ton tandem TDK 1500 tractor trailer to the challenging test, to perform a full evaluation and conduct various skill tests. Over the course of three days, we performed tests in order to determine how the trailer and its vital parts respond in all these extreme conditions. On a variety of difficulty tracks, under a full load, we tested the durability of the chassis and suspension, accuracy, responsiveness and steering efficiency. We tested the brakes, the functionality and durability of the materials, measured the gradients and deviations. We used all of the acquired data to perform a detailed analysis which will surely help us make numerous improvements and innovations in the future. This way, we test the upper limits as our goal is to constantly ensure quality, durability and, above all, safety.

Not for Those with a Sensitive Stomach
At such a demanding testing facility, the test driver has a difficult task to perform. Some colleagues from the development department as well as certain representatives sat in the tractor's passenger seat during the test drives and had the unique opportunity to get to know first-hand what exactly is going on the test courses and just how intense and cruel the testing procedure can be. "There's no room for those with a sensitive stomach," said one participant after the test run.