Bratkovič Farm & new Superfex 700 spreader

The Bratkovič farm is one of the first customers who decided to purchase the new-generation Superfex spreader, which is marked by many practical advantages. They believe in local manufacture quality and constant ongoing investment in modern technology.

January 31, 2021

At the Bratkovič farm in the Styrian town of Šentilj (Slovenia), 70 cattle are raised, of which 30 are dairy cows and 40 are fattening bulls or breeding heifers and 53 hectares of land are cultivated. The head of the family, Ivan Bratkovič, makes sure that everything is in the right place on the farm, and his son Janez Bratkovič is following his father’s footsteps, and, in addition to helping on the farm, still goes to work for now. The latter is well aware that nowadays a farmer must be versatile – in addition to professional education, he must also be a manager, administrator, driver, mechanic-serviceman, accountant and more. Both interviewees agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to run a farm, as the production costs are rising, and the purchase prices of milk and meat remain the same or even drop, as the case is this year. Nevertheless, one must dare to invest in innovations and improvements, there is no other way in the long run. Particularly the younger Bratkovič has a lot of credit in the purchase of the new generation of the Superfex spreader, which he found about for the first time via the website. The Farmtech brand and machines are not unfamiliar to them, as both trailers and spreaders are their longtime co-workers and companions on the farm.

The family Bratkovič appreciates a direct and correct relationship, so they are working with their Farmtech partner Mehanizacija Miler and salesman Jernej Kokol, who advised and assisted them in the decision to purchase the new-generation 7-ton Superfex 700 spreader. This one is very special and tailored to their desires and needs. It is completely galvanised and with added third boards for silage so that the entire work chain can be completed during the season.