Farmtech presents the Variofex special crop spreader

For special types of cultivation, like vineyards, orchards and field vegetable farming, compact, manoeuvrable, very sturdy spreaders are in demand.

October 25, 2017

A precise spread pattern and the ability to spread in rows put manure close to plant roots, while making work highly safe and convenient.

The new Variofex series spreaders for special crops combine all these qualities. This brand new product family expands Farmtech’s portfolio and meets current agricultural trends. This machine will also help the company to reach new markets and customers. Farmtech presented the new Variofex 750 for the first time at the Agra trade fair in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, where it was awarded Gold in the category “Especially Innovative Products.”

Spreader unit for maximum performance
The robust all-purpose spreader unit has proven effective in Farmtech’s large spreaders. It features two horizontal shredder beaters and two HARDOX® spreading wear plates. The sharp blades on the beaters give optimum shredding of the material, and can be used on both sides. The two spreader plates are driven by two belts with integral friction overload protection to prevent excessive material throughput. In addition, the vibration-reducing effect of this load transfer and the complete balancing of all rotating elements give very smooth operation of the spreader unit as a whole, even at high speeds. The low-lying spreader plates give a spread width of up to 15 meters. For vineyards in particular, this enables flat coverage of several rows in one pass. Compost or fertilizer is spread through the rows, below the leaves and close to the rootstocks. It is also possible to perform precise row-by-row application. In this case, the material goes out to the right and left of the vehicle, right at the roots of the plants. The ejection angle is steplessly adjustable for row spacing between 1.8 and 3 meters.        

Efficiency, precision and performance
The powerful scraper floor drive with very sturdy chains gives outstanding service life in use by individual farmers, as well as machinery rings and contractors. The 14 x 50 mm chains are automatically spring-tensioned and provide low-maintenance operation. The scraper floor speed is steplessly adjustable from the tractor. The integral dosing unit allows precision adjustment of the spreader feed rate. Its hydraulic cylinders are positioned especially for use in tight spaces, between the spreader unit and the sidewall where branches and grapevines can’t damage them as the spreader passes by. In addition to conventional materials like manure, the spreader can also spread fine materials in exact quantities. The spreader drive train is additionally protected from damage by an overload coupling.

The highly manoeuvrable Variofex
With its low centre of gravity, compact dimensions and narrow design with a total width of just 1.65 meters, the Variofex is very agile. A hydraulic axle steering option makes for even easier manoeuvring in headlands and turning in very narrow lanes. The double-action control unit lets the driver actively steer the axle in both directions. When the controller is not actuated the axle is hydraulically blocked. With its wide axle and easy-on-the-ground tyres, the Variofex can also be optionally fitted out as a mountain spreader. The low centre of gravity and good load distribution on the tractor enable it to give a spread on steep slopes. With the wide spread pattern, fewer passes are necessary and the ground is subjected to less stress.

Long life and high economy
In addition to its robust spreader unit, compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability, the Variofex has many practical design details. The galvanized steel construction provides long-lasting protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. The face wall and forward scraper floor cover are perforated to give the driver a good view of the material and the moving scraper floor bars. The drawbar can be used with clevis or hitch coupling, to ensure a proper link to the tractor. To facilitate coupling to the tractor, all hydraulic lines feature the innovative KENNFIXX® smart marking system. The coloured markings prevent incorrect connections and improve ease of operation.

Following intensive testing, the new Variofex special crop spreader will start to come off the production line in the Spring of 2018.