Only genuine Hardox ensures unbeatable performance, savings and enhanced lifetime for your equipment. To help you identify the highest performance in wear plate, the leading producers of truck bodies, dumper bodies, containers and buckets have a Hardox In My Body™ license, allowing them to put the Hardox In My Body™ sign on their products. The sign is guarantee from the body producer that the wear structure is made of quality Hardox wear plate.

Farmtech has also secured a sign Hardox In My Body™ for Heavy-duty dump tipper GRAVIS.

In truck bodies and containers, Hardox ensures a longer lifetime and highly predictable performance. Its high strength and hardness often allows for a thinner plate, enabling a higher payload and better fuel economy. Hardox translates to a longer equipment lifetime and enhanced reliability thanks to outstanding wear and deformation resistance. Enhanced performance is achieved because Hardox’s wear resistant properties are evenly distributed across the plate.

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