Innovations at the Agritechnica 2017

With more than 2,803 exhibitors and almost half a million visitors, Agritechnica has once again demonstrated its leading role as the global industry gathering for agriculture and agricultural machinery.

December 12, 2017

Farmtech is presenting three new products for the German market at Agritechnica. The most important of these is the company’s entry into the slurry trailer category, the new Supercis and Ultracis slurry trailer lines. These offer cost-conscious farms interesting alternatives for slurry spreading.

The new Variofex 750 special crop spreader is designed for use in vineyards, orchards and field vegetable growing.

The company’s third new product for Agritechnica is the three-axle DPW 1800 flatbed trailer. This big 18-tonner is designed for safe transport of round and cube bales, and boxes based on Euro pallet dimensions.

1. Entry into the slurry trailer category:
The tough Supercis and Ultracis slurry trailers offer cost-effective additional capacity for slurry spreading.

These two new product lines are designed to offer an alternative for farm operators who need extra slurry spreading capacity at peak times, but need to keep an eye on costs.

The single-axle Supercis line starts with the 500 model with 5200 litres capacity and an empty weight of 1960 kg, and also includes the 800 with 8200 litres capacity and an empty weight of 2580 kg, The Ultracis series adds tandem axles to the mix.

Both series have self-supporting galvanized tanks with baffles for maximum stability. The vehicle axle and drawbar are connected by two sturdy longitudinal reinforcements, which also carry all supply lines (air, oil, electricity) and protect them from mechanical damage. The drawbar height can be adjusted among several levels. By swivelling the drawbar, it can be switched from clevis to hitch coupling as a standard feature. Hydraulic drawbar suspension is available as an option.

Three powerful vacuum compressors are available for the new trailers, with suction performance to match tank capacity. The very generously dimensioned intake cross-section keeps resistance low.

On the Ultracis machines, the axle position can be adjusted to fit the required tractor drawbar load for use with heavy distributor systems like dribble bars. The additional weight at the back of the vehicle is almost completely compensated, for better handling on slopes.

Both versions have a broad slurry spreader nozzle with low wind sensitivity. For expert users, a pendulum slurry distributor is available as an option, and gives a spread about 15 metres wide. A dribble bar system can be installed if desired.

Following intensive testing, the new Supercis and Ultracis slurry trailers from Farmtech will start to come off the production line in early 2018.

2. Variofex 750 special crop spreader
Wide spread width, precise distribution, narrow dimensions, high manoeuvrability and a low centre of gravity

The new Variofex 750 is an innovative special crop spreader designed for use in vineyards, orchards and field vegetable cultivation. At the Slovenian Agra industry show in September 2017 it took the innovation gold medal. It is quite slender, at just 1.65 m wide, and has a very low centre of gravity. With optional wide axle and easy-on-the-ground tyres, the Variofex can also be fitted out as a mountain spreader. A hydraulic axle steering option makes for even easier manoeuvring in headlands and turning in very narrow lanes.

As an area spreader, it gives a spread up to 15 m wide, unusual in its size class. For vineyards in particular, the low-lying spreader plates enable flat coverage of several rows in one pass. The Variofex can also do precise row-by-row application right at the rootstocks. The ejection angle is steplessly adjustable for row spacing from 1.8 to 3 metres.

The robust all-purpose spreader unit has two horizontal shredder beaters and two HARDOX® spreading wear plates. The sharp blades on the beaters give optimum shredding of the material, and can be used on both sides. The two spreader plates are driven by two belts with integral friction overload protection to prevent excessive material throughput.

The powerful scraper floor motor is steplessly controllable from the tractor. The very strong 14x50 mm chains are automatically spring-tensioned. The integral dosing unit allows precision adjustment of the spreader feed rate. In addition to conventional material like manure, the spreader can also spread fine materials in exact quantities.

3. Three-axle DPW 1800 flatbed trailer
Safe round and square bale transportation on 18-tonne three-axle trailer

New at Agritechnica, Farmtech is presenting its three-axle, 18-tonne DPW 1800 flatbed trailer for round and square bales, Euro pallets or boxes, and other bulky items. The low centre of gravity with a loading height of just 1.1 metres provide fast loading and unloading from both sides. This makes the DPW 1800 ideal from a technical as well as cost-efficiency standpoint, for farming operations, contract service providers, and straw and raw fodder dealers.

This three-axle flatbed has a low tare weight that helps reduce fuel consumption, combined with tough galvanized construction that offers a 10 metre long loading surface. If more capacity is needed the bed can be lengthened by up to 1.2 metres using a pull-out extension. The sturdy non-slip ribbed bed, front and rear 1.85 metre high grates and restraining chains keep loads secure. Numerous tie-down points permit further safety.

The DPW 1800 is tough and has a tough chassis to match, with ADR axles, parabolic dual-leaf springs and V-drawbar. In addition to a parking brake, the DPW comes with either a two-line compressed air brake system or hydraulic brakes as standard. The brakes work on all six wheels for the shortest possible braking distance. Road approval to 40 km/h is possible under European standards if the necessary equipment is added, such as LSV controller or additional lighting. A mechanically extendible underride guard makes it easier to adapt the loading surface to the actual load, and also houses the LED lighting and license plate.

Once again we would like to thank all visitors for the interest and inspiring discussions and are already looking forward to the next Agritechnica, which takes place from 10 to 16 November 2019 at the Exhibition Center in Hanover.