Market entry in slurry handling

In the next few years Farmtech intends to grow into one of the leading agricultural technology companies, focused on the transportation of farm products.

November 09, 2017

Along with its existing portfolio of tippers, spreaders, push-off and hauling trailers, at this year’s Agritechnica the company will be presenting its new slurry handling product line.

The new “Supercis” and “Ultracis” slurry trailers feature Farmtech’s accustomed high quality and a multitude of specific customer solutions. These machines also open up market segments where the company can reach new as well as existing customers.

Efficiency, precision and performance
The inherently stable galvanized tank with integrated baffles as standard equipment offers maximum strength and stiffness. The vehicle axle and drawbar are connected by two sturdy longitudinal reinforcements, which also carry all supply lines (air, oil, electricity). This reduces the chance of mechanical damage to a minimum. A vertical row of holes allows adjustment of the height of the drawbar relative to the tank as desired by the customer. As a standard feature the drawbar can be switched from clevis to hitch coupling by swivelling it. Hydraulic drawbar suspension is available as an option.

The powerful vacuum compressor gives outstanding service life in use by farmers, machinery rings and contractors alike. Three different sizes are offered, with suction capacities that fit the tank volumes to ensure quick, efficient filling. The very generously dimensioned intake cross-section keeps resistance low.

In addition to the obligatory road travel equipment, for all of its newly developed slurry trailers Farmtech also offers an extensive axle and tyre conversion package. If desired, users can replace the standard tyres with wide ones to reduce the ground pressure. This permits optimum adjustment of the driving resistance and the actual power required from the tractor. The brake system with ALB control via fill level indicator allows for stepless adjustment of braking power.

On the Ultracis machines, the position of the axle can be adjusted to fit the required tractor drawbar load. The long wheel wells allow for adaptation to any dribble bar system. The additional weight at the back of the vehicle is almost completely compensated, for better handling on slopes.

A perfect spread
Both the Supercis and the Ultracis have broad slurry spreader nozzles with low wind sensitivity. Different nozzle diameters are available for precision dosing.

For expert users, a pendulum slurry distributor is available as an option. This distributor is driven by the pressure of the slurry passing through it, and gives a spread about 15 meters wide. The large droplets it makes reduce losses in the nitrogen falling on the field. A dribble bar system can also be installed if desired.

Long life and high economy
In addition to their robust compressors, compact dimensions and excellent handling on slopes, the Supercis and Ultracis slurry trailers offer many practical details. The 1000 m wide manhole cover makes it easy to access the interior for maintenance. A safety valve on the compressor prevents excessive tank pressure.

For use on slopes, an optional downward applicator is available. Switching between the front and rear suction openings is by hydraulic control from the tractor. Since it has no moving parts, this system is very robust and insensitive to foreign objects. Both openings are integrated in the manhole cover.

To facilitate coupling to the tractor, all hydraulic lines feature the innovative KENNFIX® smart marking system. The coloured markings prevent incorrect connections and improve operating convenience.

Following intensive testing, the new Supercis and Ultracis slurry trailers from Farmtech will start to come off the production line in early 2018.