Igor Rubin of Radomerščak near Ljutomer was one of the first to purchase and use the new 5200 litre Supercis 500 manure tanker. He raises pigs, and does it with less than five hectares of land.

November 09, 2018

Igor Rubin’s small farm is located in the small village of Radomerščak near Ljutomer. Although he makes his living as an assembler at Farmtech, in his spare time he’s a farmer, something he’s enjoyed doing since his youth when his parents ran the farm. His most important product is pigs, despite the fact that the general trends for hog-raising are not very favourable. Igor Rubin farms just under five hectares of land, mostly for pig feed.

An easy decision
Even though his farm is small, Rubin is well aware that modernization is a must if he is to keep and improve it. “For some time I had been looking for a compact, economical yet high-performance manure tanker, and I found it in the new Supercis 500 from my employer, Farmtech,” says Rubin of his decision to buy, adding, “I have no reservations about the new machine, because at Farmtech we make no compromises on quality.”

Pride and joy
A by-product of hog-raising is manure, and it has to go somewhere. “My new manure tanker has everything I need it to have – fully galvanized construction, high-performance pump, consistent manure spreading and simple operation.” He’s convinced that his investment will pay for itself quickly. “I think it’s fantastic, and I’m proud to first help make the products and then use them.”