The new Superfex

With the upcoming Superfex spreader series, Farmtech will put on the market a top-notch model, which, in addition to its bold and attractive design, is distinguished by the highest quality, exceptional usability and efficiency, proven robustness, high safety and a wide range of equipment.

September 16, 2019

Seven reasons why you will like the new Superfex manure spreader series.

  1. Drawbar
    The universal drawbar with a drawbar eye or optional coupling ball is always uniform, easy to fasten and flexible or height-adjustable - suitable as either an upper or lower tractor attachment.

  2. Chassis
    The fully galvanised chassis provides the greatest stability and rigidity and long-lasting protection against corrosion and mechanical damage, thus extending the life of the machine.

  3. Frame
    All vital parts of the frame are designed to form a beautifully finished whole and to prevent a negative impact on the environment. It is also easy to disassemble, making it easier to clean the lower frame.

  4. Scraper bottom
    The bottom of the scraper is made of a 3mm thick sheet metal with Magnelis® metal coating, which provides for greater durability and excellent corrosion resistance in the toughest working environments. It is at least 3 times more durable than galvanised steel, yet lighter, protects flat and deformed surfaces and reduces maintenance costs.

  5. Chain
    Fast and reliable material is added to the spreading device by two strong 12 × 36 mm scraper chains with hydromotor-driven slats. The lubrication points on the chain conveyor can be pulled out, making them easier to maintain.

  6. The spreading unit
    A proven but up-to-date spreading device, available in either a vertical or horizontal version.
    A simple solution for mounting and dismantling the spreading device - using only two fastening clamps.

  7. Flap doors
    Made of lightweight and high-quality polyester resistant to dirt and corrosion. It is lighter, protects the spreader, and ensures safety and cleanliness at transport distances. Four elegant LED brake lights on the rear protective flap help to increase visibility and, consequently, increase safety.

The Superfex spreader range will be available in 6- to 12-tonne versions.