The Supercis in real-world testing

The Sackl farm in Austria was the testing site for the new Farmtech Supercis 800 slurry tanker. The farm makes a half million litres of milk annually.

May 25, 2018

Franz Sackl’s farm is at 950 m altitude and has 45 milch cows. “Last year we produced about 450,000 litres of milk, or almost 1300 litres a day,” says Sackl, who runs the farm with his wife and two children. That means each cow gives up to 10,000 litres of milk a year, or close to litres 30 a day, which is above average. “Ultimately, what counts is the output per day with the lowest operating costs,” says Sackl. But unfortunately his satisfaction with his productivity is tempered by low milk prices. Franz Sackl and other farmers have formed an association called “Fair Milk” to try to get fair prices, as yet without great success.

Feed quality as a success factor
The milk is sold to the Upper Styrian Dairy, known throughout the region for its milk and cheese products. The cows are milked mechanically by a milking robot, which saves time and boosts productivity, while also monitoring the milking processes and collecting all necessary data on milk and animals. “Today a robot is a must, but it’s just part of the entire milk production chain,” notes Sackl. In addition to the robot and optimum conditions for the cattle, high-quality feed is a must and has a major influence on the taste of the milk. “Our cows only get local feed, especially maize and grass silage. That way we know it’s good quality,” he says, adding, “We make our own feed on our 36 hectares of field and meadow.”

Intensive tests
In the spring the meadow needs nitrogen in order to grow well and give a good harvest, and the nitrogen is supplied by the farm’s own slurry. The farm has a 6000 litre slurry tanker for the purpose, but it was getting on in years and had also become too small. As part of an overall equipment modernization push, Sackl was looking around for a replacement and found out about the Supercis 800, an 8200 litre tanker. “We already have a tandem three-side tipper from Farmtech. We know and trust their products. However, we didn’t know they also had slurry tankers. When they offered to let us test one, we were naturally happy to oblige,” says Sackl. Testing worked out very well. “The simple operation and dependable function are great. The tanker is easy to maintain and gives even distribution. The wide tyres make it very stable and reduce the ground pressure. It also tows reliably on slopes. With our hilly terrain that’s obviously a must,” concludes Sackl. He reckons that the farm will probably end up buying the Supercis.