The Ultrafex at Ljubljana Moor

Following its presentation at the Agritechnica show in Hanover last year, the Ultrafex 1600 universal spreader is already hard at work on the fields of its first customer. Aleš Tancek from Vrbljena pri Igu near Ljubljana has a farm near Ljubljana Moor, a nature reserve.

August 18, 2016

Family ties as the key to success
The farm is owned by Aleš Tancek, who took it over from his father Jože two years ago. Aleš grew up on the farm and developed a passion for agriculture. He knows all about farm work and machines. But the family still makes all important decisions together, and family ties are one of the most important factors in the development of the business. Year by year the amount of land under cultivation has grown, and is currently 110 hectares. Thus, the small farm that Jože inherited has turned into a medium-size agricultural operation. Grain is grown is grown on half of the land, mostly maize but also wheat and barley. The other half is used for silage and grazing. In addition to the fields, Tancek has about 130 head of cattle, primarily various breeds of steers, most of which he sells to farming cooperatives.

The challenge of poor soils
Near Lubljana Moor the soil is marshy and acidic. It contains only small amounts of plant nutrients, so farming isn’t easy there. To get good harvests from soil like this takes plenty of organic material in the form of cured natural fertilizer or compost to even out the pH, improve the structure of the soil, and simplify working the land. What’s more, half of the farm’s fields are in a water-protection area where fertilizer can only be applied at certain times of the year and in limited quantity. “All this has to be taken into consideration. So for fertilizer spreading, we looked for an all-purpose spreader that could give us precise, homogeneous and controlled distribution of fertilizer. It needed to be a universal machine that remained robust and stable under difficult conditions and could also be used to transport silage,” noted Jože Tancek.

The solution was a new universal spreader
At the Tancek farm they were looking for a do-it-all machine that would kill two birds with one stone, and found it in the Ultrafex universal spreader. “At first we had looked at the Megafex. But it was bigger than we needed, and too big for our tractor. At the same time the medium-size Superfex was going to be too small in the long run. Then we learned that at the turn of the year a new series was coming out that was right between them – the Ultrafex universal spreader, that would have all the functions of the top class plus the option of a retrofit silage tailgate,” said Aleš Tancek. His father Jože added, “We’ve known their products for a long time. We have three standard trailers and an old Tehnostroj spreader from 1986 that still does a great job. Personal contact with the salespeople, a visit to the company in Ljutomer, and their presentation of specific solutions for our needs and capabilities all made our decision to buy very easy.”
Asked whether they had any reservations about buying the brand new Ultrafex, Aleš und Jože Tancek said, “We’re proud that we have the first one! I have no doubt about the quality, workmanship or design of this new machine. We considered the purchase carefully and we have complete confidence in Farmtech products. I hope that this universal spreader works efficiently and flawlessly, that spare parts will always be available, and that customer service will react quickly if problems arise.”