AGIÓ is the Farmtech dealer of the year 2021

For the second year in a row, Farmtech presented the award to the best dealer of the Farmtech brand – the prestigious title of “Farmtech Dealer of the Year” for 2021 went to AGIÓ Kft. from Hungary.


“This award is a confirmation that we are doing well and are going in the right direction.”

Fauszt Csaba

Last year was no less challenging for dealers than the year before – backlogs in the supply chain, volatile prices of raw materials and the many negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges to all involved. Despite difficult and unpredictable circumstances, the network of Farmtech dealers did their job with excellence and even exceeded expectations. “We are proud of our partners, who, despite the uncertain economic situation, continue to operate successfully and realise the vision of the Farmtech brand,” said Miha Korošec, Sales Manager at Farmtech.

Farmtech Dealer of the Year 2021 is AGIÓ!

In 2020, Farmtech awarded the award for Dealer of the Year for the first time – a prestigious recognition given to a Farmtech dealer for several key areas such as achieving sales goals, business growth and providing after-sales services. “This recognition not only helps us identify the best, but also allows comparison and at the same time ensures that we all progress as a brand,” stressed Korošec. This year, the award – a statuette by renowned Slovenian artist Robert Jurak – went to AGIÓ, which earned the honorary title of “Farmtech Dealer of the Year” for 2021. “Congratulations on a well-deserved title in such a challenging year and environment. The award is the result of many years of efforts for a well-built system on the Hungarian market and dedication to the Farmtech brand,” proudly said Area Sales Manager Tomaž Sečko. “We know from many positive customer reviews that this year’s winners deserved it and can be proud of their achievements,” he added.


Who is AGIÓ?

AGIÓ Kft. comes from the town of Szekszárd in the south of Hungary and today is considered a recognisable seller of agricultural transport equipment in Hungary. They have been on the market for almost 30 years. In their beginnings, they sold only used agricultural machinery, while today they specialise in the import and sale of new agricultural machinery of renowned brands and are recognisable virtually throughout the country. They have a successful cooperation with two other representatives in the Hungarian market and also have four noteworthy sub-representatives. In addition to the Farmtech brand – which is the main brand in their portfolio – the company also offers the Zavod Kobzarenka, Agromehanika, Ino, Solis and Creina brands in its storage and service area. They know their customers well, listen to them and understand their needs, so they respond to them quickly and efficiently. They strive to always have stock or machinery available in their backyard, as this is the only way they can be competitive and successful.


AGIÓ – Farmtech cooperation

They have been working with Farmtech intensively since 1999. “Farmtech is our first and most important brand in the sales programme with a share of over 60%,” says Fauszt Csaba, owner and founder of the family business, who introduced the Farmtech brand to the Hungarian market. Long-term cooperation has been marked by both ups and downs, but the partnership remains. Last year, they exceeded their set goals and earned the title Dealer of the Year. “We are honoured to receive such a prestigious award in such competition,” Csaba said at the award ceremony. “Our small sales team, with their many years of professional experience, works closely with our customers, whom we put at the heart of everything we do,” proudly adds Németh István, co-owner of the company. “This award is a confirmation that we are doing well and are going in the right direction,” concludes Csaba, who is looking forward to continuing the partnership with Farmtech.


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