Being your own boss

Dalibor Iličić is a farmer from the Serbian village of Vajska in Vojvodina, whose life revolves around farming. He is skillfully challenging the life of farming on his 100 hectares of land and is extremely successful. He does not believe luck had anything to do with his success. In his opinion, the key to success is hard work, a lot of sacrifice and the right approach, which also includes the use of quality machinery.


“I like to be my own boss, so I set out and created my own business!”

Dalibor Iličić

Several generations

The family of Dalibor Iličić has been farming for many generations. His grandfather started farming the land, and his father took over and passed on his love for farming. After completing his studies in agronomy, Iličić decided to work on his father’s farm and continued the family tradition on his own path. “I like to be my own boss, so I set out my own business,” emphasizes Iličić who enjoys his work as a farmer and machinist. He mainly grows soybeans, corn, wheat and canola on his 100 hectares of land, and he sells all the produce.

A close connection

The beginnings of cooperation with Farmtech date back to 2003. At that time, he and his father were looking for a new trailer at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair and came across the then 8-ton Tehnostroj DP 800 two-axle trailer. “The decision to buy was very easy. The fact that the trailer was full of water from the rain meant it was 100% sealed. This convinced us to buy,” says Iličić. After using it for a long time, they were also impressed by other characteristics, such as excellent driving characteristics, robustness and durability, so he believes that he will not change the brand in the near future. “For as long as I can remember, I have been closely connected with the Farmtech brand in one way or another and I am really satisfied with their quality,” says Iličić.


Once Farmtech, always Farmtech

Dalibor Iličić now has a modern fleet of machines on his property which is necessary for modern farming. It includes quite a few machines from the Farmtech portfolio, including two ZDK 1100 two-axle trailers and two of the latest ZDK 1800 two-axle trailers which he purchased last fall from Inter-Agrar, a dealer for Farmtech products. Trailers are used for all transport work, such as the transport of grain, manure, construction materials, such as sand, earth and stones, as well as the transport of pallets, sacks and water barrels. Iličić likes to make a joke that there is nothing that these trailers can’t transport, and adds that they really are a top choice and offer the best price-quality ratio. As an experienced machinist, he knows machinery very well and knows what he needs.


Utilization of organic fertilizers

Beside trailers, Iličić says that Farmtech’s Ultrafex 1600 organic fertilizer spreader, which he purchased last season and with which he spreads around 2,000 tons of manure annually, is also extremely important to him. He explains that in Vojvodina, specifically in the area along the Danube River, they face lack of organic matter in the soil, which affects production and profitability. It is therefore recommended and reasonable to use organic fertilizers for soil fertilization, and Iličić mostly uses poultry manure from local poultry. “As a long-time user of Farmtech, I was convinced of their quality prior to purchase, but it was only after using the Ultrafex 1600 that I really got excited about the 16-ton spreader. The technology is outstanding, it offers exceptional driving characteristics, the management is simple, the spreading quality is excellent. All the above makes work with this spreader a pleasant experience – exactly what it was actually made for,” Iličić says with satisfaction.


More with less effort

Machines in agriculture work many hours a year and the work can be very intensive. This means that there must be no compromises in the quality of production. As Iličić points out, he is pleased that modern machinery is adapted to the user, which facilitates improved work efficiency. In doing so, he encounters limited cultivation areas. “With the currently available machinery, I could easily cultivate even more land, but unfortunately it is no longer available,” says Iličić, who can afford it, because friends / farmers help each other during the seasonal surpluses, which facilitates better utilization machines. “When we work, we are in action 24 hours a day. At that time, our office is in the cab of the tractor,” says Iličić. Despite the unpredictable challenges that come with farming, he keeps a positive attitude and enjoys his work.