Efficiency is the key

From the very beginning in 2007, the owner of the company of the same name, Alan Hartman, knew he wanted to operate independently. He specialised in the construction industry, where he has successfully navigated through all challenges and trials for 15 years. Since this year, he has been assisted by a Gravis construction dump tipping trailer.


»I always believed I could do it«

Alan Hartman

There are Enough Projects

The construction company Alan Hartman s.p. from Bratonci in Prekmurje (Slovenia) boasts more than 15 years of tradition and extensive experience in the field of construction and craftsmanship and contractor work. “We deal with various construction works such as building and reconstruction of roads, squares, parks, construction of local utility infrastructure to landscaping, excavation, demolition, etc. for both smaller and larger clients,” says the owner of the family business, Alan Hartman. The company operates mainly in the Pomurje region, where there is currently more than enough demand. “There is enough work and projects. Our schedule and capacity are full. At the moment, however, there is a shortage of quality staff for reasonable money,” says Hartman, who currently employs six people, but would need more for all the projects and tasks.

Responsiveness and Performance

Hartman explains that the beginnings were difficult and challenging, often requiring 24/7 availability. Today, they are recognised for their quality construction services, responsiveness and competitiveness. They carry out a wide range of projects, most of which have in common that they must be completed within a pre-defined deadline. “This is a business where you have to be fast and responsive. Where you need special skills, reliable machinery and equipment. And where you can’t afford unnecessary downtime, whatever the weather conditions,” stresses Hartman, adding that all this is the real benchmark on a construction site. According to him, added value is created by minimising congestion and breakdowns. And all of this leads exclusively to customer and employee satisfaction, which is the basis for success in business.


Investments are Necessary

Since its foundation, Hartman has been investing in modernising its fleet of vehicles and machinery, as this is what ensures a competitive advantage and, consequently, the satisfaction of all stakeholders. He has had his eye on a new construction trailer for some time. “We needed something robust and durable for the construction site,” Hartman describes the need, noting that he is no stranger to Farmtech products. The decision to purchase a new Gravis 2000 heavy duty dump tipper in the eye-catching black and grey combination of the so-called Black Edition was made at the end of last year and taken delivery at the beginning of 2022. “We compared competing products on the market, but decided on a reputable domestic brand – the combination of the product, the look, the advice and the service convinced us,” Hartman adds when taking delivery of the machine.


A Machine Tailored to Your Needs

Since its purchase, the Gravis trailer has been exposed almost daily to the extreme stresses and working conditions found on construction sites. “The trailer’s main task is to transport bulk loads, such as gravel, sand, rubble, rock and soil,” Hartman says emphatically, adding that with a loading area of 15 cubic metres, as few empty kilometres as possible must be covered. Due to the nature of the work, the trailer box is made of high-quality Hardox® sheet metal, which provides greater durability, longer service life and better resistance to wear and deformation. At the same time, this ensures excellent value retention. The choice of tyre tread was also correct, as they do not leave dirt on the way from the construction site to the road. In addition to conventional construction transport, the Hartmans’ trailer will also be used for agricultural transport when needed, as they cultivate just under ten hectares of land.


Less Time for Service, More Time for Work

From the first contact with the trailer, Hartman was convinced it was the right choice. “The high level of driving comfort is convincing for transport tasks on site and on the road,” he says. Maintenance on the trailer is also taken care of, as the central lubrication system automatically supplies the lubrication points. “We simply don’t have time for servicing, so this is a more than welcome advantage. It leaves more time for work,” he says. Construction sites are often rustic and dusty, so the feature of easy and safe handling from the cabin is particularly appreciated. “We have to deal with special loads, vibrations and dirt on a daily basis, so operating from the cabin is a necessity,” says Hartman, who appreciates all the comfort and benefits of the trailer. The only equipment he misses is a hydraulically switchable rear underrun protection, which he will probably retrofit from a user’s point of view. A reversing camera would also be welcome.

Creating the Future

According to Hartman, it is quite a challenge to stay competitive in a highly competitive environment. The construction industry can be quite unpredictable, even though the market is currently booming and there is a shortage of providers, mainly due to a lack of quality staff. “We are so busy at the moment with current projects – right now we are creating a hill for a toboggan run in the park – that it is difficult to find time to think about what the future might look like, including how much machinery and how many staff we need.” Nevertheless, he sees his future in construction. “I still think working on a construction site is one of the most exciting things you can do,” he says, adding that his services help build a more sustainable future. “I hope that the company will continue to grow and develop and that my children will want to take over the business one day,” he says, before heading back to his machine.