Farm ice cream Lindenhof – guaranteed daily enjoyment

In a multi-generation family business located on the edge of Willebadessen-Ikenhausen (Germany), ice cream has been produced on a farm since eight years ago. There are 55 cows in the stables, which produce the raw material for the cold treat.


“We’ve actually always thought that we could make more from our milk rather than only sell it wholesale”

Luise Leifeld

More than just milk

In the year 2011 the family cultivating the 75 hectare farm established an additional production process alongside milk-making and crop-growing. With much passion and engagement, the Leifeld family produces 20 types of natural farm ice cream (Bauernhofeis). The most important raw material for the cold treat is being produced by 55 dairy cows, which peacefully wait to be milked on the pasture and/or in the open stables. “We’ve actually always thought that we could make more from our milk rather than only sell it wholesale,” said Luise Leifeld, who is currently producing ice cream with a team of ten co-workers.

By coincidence rather than on purpose

Ice cream production was a jump in at the deep end for the family, which required a lot of courage, competence and endurance. However, it was worth it. The dazzling idea appeared during a visit to the Grüne Woche fair in Berlin. “That was when my husband Reinhard and I spontaneously tasted ice cream made on a farm for the first time and found it simply amazing”, remembered the farmer and added: “And so we decided at home that we would either build a new stable or produce ice cream.” Seeing that the host Luise Leifeld always wanted a farm-café, the decision was quickly made.


Pure nature

The ice cream specialties are natural and contain no added colours, artificial flavours, preservatives or similar additives. “Our ice cream is really a high-quality natural product”, said Luise Leifeld with pride. There is enough milk on the farm. Ice cream is produced up to two times weekly and 30 to 40 litres of milk are needed in one production process. Lindenhof uses up to 4000 litres of milk per year for its ice cream. The cold creations can be tasted right at the farm-café, at regular farm festivals or at the numerous regional festivals, markets and other events. Meanwhile, it is supplied to select supermarkets and farm shops in the region.


As good as new

Luise Leifeld takes care of the ice cream business, and her son, the manager and farmer Karsten Leifeld of everything else around the farm. Naturally, various agricultural machines are needed. “We currently use a ZDK 1600 tipping trailer for transporting all types of crops, as well as anything from silage or manure to gravel. It is being used for eight years already and is still as good as new,” Karsten pointed out the durability and quality. During harvest in the high season, a friend helps him with a Durus 1600 dumper. Because his brother Thomas Leifeld works in the sales at Farmtech dealer Frewer Landtechnik, the decision to choose Farmtech will be even easier in the future.


Future with a concept

Eight years since the beginning, the ice cream production is experiencing a stable growth. Ice cream production became a purpose in life for the family a long time ago and this concept of farm ice cream will provide an even better future for them. “Our farm ice cream is a niche product”, stressed the young farmer Karsten, who indulges in at least one scoop of ice cream every day: “And it should stay that!” He ascribes the success also to the product-trend. “Bio and natural products have been the most stable widespread trend in Germany for years,” he said. They are planning an expansion, seeing that they would like to supply the domestic gastronomic scene along with the supermarkets.