Farmtech opens
new painting facility

On 11 October Farmtech d.o.o. opened a new, modern and ecological painting facility in the Ljutomer Industrial and Commercial Zone.


It was built in less than nine months and meets the latest guidelines, and will be used exclusively for the company’s own products. Costs for the more than 2000 square metre facility total some 4.2 million euros.

New painting facility

The new painting facility is built to European standards and is not just highly efficient, but also environment-friendly and safe. It is intended exclusively to serve the needs of Farmtech d.o.o. The total area is 2077 square metres, and it took just nine months to build. This facility will give an enormous boost to the productivity of the company, as well as improving efficiency and quality, raising the degree of automation, and boosting process safety, ergonomics and work safety. The existing painting room in the old Farmtech works was too small and was showing its age; it will be closed.


Financed from own resources

The project was done entirely with the company group’s own financial resources. Christian Oberwinkler, Technical CEO of the Komptech Group, says, “Farmtech, as part of Komptech and the Hirtenberger Group, has underpinned its long-term strategy with this investment in the future and in the Ljutomer location. It’s important for our competitiveness, and also creates new jobs in the region.” The investment of 4.2 million euros will enable the company to continue its systematic growth strategy and further expand. “With our current investment programme we naturally want to strengthen our already solid market position and the good reputation of our brand, grow revenues and thus secure the jobs of our employees,” notes Oberwinkler.


Higher capacity

The new painting facility will substantially boost production capacity, which is now at 300,000 square metres of painted surface per year. This will help meet the increased demand for Farmtech and Komptech products. But this investment is just part of an extensive future package for the location, and the company will continue to modernize its two works in Ljutomer. This year the company has already added around 80 new staff, and currently the two works employ over 360 people.