For international gourmets

Roman Dulc from Škocjan in Slovenia’s Dolenjska region has been a passionate cattleman for 20 years now. The beef his steers give has become a highly sought-after delicacy in gourmet restaurants in neighbouring countries.


“We deliver top quality, and as long as there are no unpleasant surprises on the market and in prices, I’m not worried about the future.”

Roman Dulc

Roman Dulc took over the farm from his parents. With a modern entrepreneurial approach and many investments, he transformed it into the operation it is today.

Family ties as the key to success

Roman and his brother Janez work about 100 hectares of land. “My brother and I get along great and have dealt with every problem together. I’m convinced that family ties are a key to success,” says Dulc of the strong relationship. Both enjoy the work on the farm. The farm’s main business is the raising of beef cattle. 300 to 450 steers leave its very well-kept premises every year, mostly breeds like Charolais and Limousin.


In international demand

Marketing, buying and selling of cattle are all done right on the farm. Most of the steers, which weigh in at about 750 kg each, are raised solely for meat production, and most of them are sold to neighbouring Italy. “Prices in Slovenia are under the European average, so we looked for other markets to get better profit margins. We found customers in Italy. Italians are real gourmets – they appreciate quality and will pay for it. Unfortunately, we often find that in Slovenia our own domestic products are not really appreciated and people prefer foreign products instead, which are mostly not as good, just have better-known names,” says Dulc of the difficult situation on the domestic market.


Modern machine park

High-quality machines by leading manufacturers show that quality is very important to the Dulcs. Among their perfectly maintained and cared for machines is a Durus 2000 dump tipper. Dulc says, “we’ve always used Farmtech products. So when the Durus tipper came on the market, the decision to get one was easy. It combines modern design with high functionality. We can use it for harvesting, transporting grain and silage and many other things. We’ve had consistently good experience with Farmtech, and the price-performance ratio is sound. Maintenance and spare parts are readily available, and I don’t see that changing in the future. I never had any problems, and that’s why I’m always glad to recommend Farmtech.”


Clear goals

The goals for the future are clear – long-term, stable, efficient growth. And Roman Dulc is confident that it will be possible. “We deliver top quality, and as long as there are no unpleasant surprises on the market and in prices, I’m not worried about the future.”