1. Trailing shoe
  2. Working width from 4 to 6 meters (Hawk 4.0, Hawk 5.0, Hawk 6.0)
  3. 3- or 4-point attachment to the tank or directly to the tractor
  4. Optimum control and perfect adaptation to the terrain
  5. The force per trailing shoe is between 3 and 6 kg
  6. Lightweight and simple construction
  7. Stable transport position and quick folding
  8. Ideal system for an annual amount of slurry up to 1000 m3
  9. Slurry and fermentation residues are applied with as little loss as possible
  10. Suitable for grassland, arable land or growing crops as well as for slopes and uneven terrain
  11. Ensures even distribution of the slurry and reduces odors during distribution