The right decisions for success

The family company Bilka-Korant d.o.o. from Ptuj, Slovenia, has been successfully engaged in the planning and landscaping of public and private areas, gardens and the environment for almost 20 years and offers the highest quality services in the field of wood biomass.


Responsive and professional

Irrelevant what kind of work must be done – when there is need to, they respond. “Surfaces overgrown with various shrubs and trees are pruned and cleaned, the material is ground and transported away, and all surfaces can be rearranged as desired, thus conjuring up a fairy-tale space for the customer,” says company director Zvonko Križaj and adds that they often face serious challenges and inaccessible terrain. “Our main goal is to use our knowledge, experience, machines and services to assist in the design and creation of an environment where the customers want it,” he adds. Son Matevž continues his passion and family tradition – one can meet him mostly when he is operating machines, where utmost care and skill are required. In addition to him, the company has two reliable and professionally trained employees.

Once Farmtech, always Farmtech

They have been connected with Farmtech as partners from the very beginning. They have already purchased at least 15 various Farmtech trailers, and currently their fleet includes five trailers that are used almost on a daily basis. “In addition to versatile work tasks on construction and work sites, we also need versatile and practical trailers,” explains Križaj. They are used for all types of tasks, i.e. all transport services such as transport of bulk material, bulk cargo, tools and construction machinery. “We trust Farmtech trailers because they don’t let us down when we need it most. They are also convincing from the point of view of maintenance, servicing and preservation of value,” Križaj emphasizes with satisfaction.


No worries for the future

With its service activity, the Bilka-Korant company is becoming more and more recognisable and interesting even outside the local environment. “There is enough work, our schedule is packed, we have numerous projects, customers and inquiries from all over Slovenia,” says the interviewee proudly. That is why it is all the more important that good and right decisions are made regarding the purchase of working machines. For this purpose, they have decided to purchase ZDK 1100 two-axle trailer, which will be integrated into the composition and will thus reduce the number of long transports, shorten times and save costs.


Orange catches the eye

The special feature of all their trailers is that they are optimally adapted and perfectly equipped according to their work needs – but what is most striking, is that they are all painted in the municipal orange colour. “Such a colour is an additional cost upon purchase and may be a matter of taste, but it is very noticeable, always in the right way in the eyes of the public and at the same time has a great effect on resale,” concludes the interviewee and promises that the next purchased trailer will be orange for sure again!