The versatile universal spreader Ultrafex for Professional Applications

After last autumn presentation at the Agritechnica in Hanover, the new universal spreader Ultrafex 1600 is already proving its worth to farmers and farm contractors during the spreading season.


Right from the first tests, customer feedback on the performance, operation and maintenance of the Ultrafex 1600 has been extremely positive. The universal spreader Ultrafex with many innovative features comes in three models on the market: the 1200, 1400 and 1600, with loading volumes of up to 20 mÂł. With these new models from 12 to 16 tonnes gross weight, these machines will be of interest to large farms, machine cooperatives and agricultural service contractors. Thus, this model closes the gap between the middle class Superfex and premium class Megafex.

Spreading unit

That an optimum spreading result does not depend on the size proves the model Ultrafex. Standard spreader device with four vertical beaters and HARDOX® toothed knives ensures an optimum spreading result in particular of hard, concentrated livestock manure to a width of 12 meters. The optional universal spreader device with two horizontal shredder beaters expands the range of uses – equipped with two sturdy wide-spreading wear plates and adjustable throw wings for accurate application and a homogeneous spreading pattern irrespective of the type of material, even with large spreads of up to 22 meters. Therefore, you can choose between two spreader devices. They can be replaced within 20 minutes against flap/volume door, which provides efficient silage transportation. This increases the load capacity by seven cubic meters (by additional sidewall extensions with a height of 350 mm).


Smaller but robust

The Ultrafex has a stable frame with optimized weight, a solid body and unmistakably recognizable design from the bigger model Megafex. Four scraper floor chains 14 x 50 mm, driven by hydro motor with spur gear, enable rapid and complete material feeding to the spreader device. It allows forward and reverse movement as well as variable speed. In addition, the body has a conical opening towards the rear. Impregnated wooden slats on the sidewall extensions soften loading impact. Other useful equipment, such as a hydraulic slurry door and flap door complement the excellent performance of Ultrafex 1600.


Strong chassis

The new ADR TEKNOAX axles with a brake cam 406 x 120 mm permit high operating loads of up to 11.5 tonnes per axle, giving the Ultrafex all the endurance and robustness it needs. Verified tandem axle with parabolic-spring suspension, which ensures a comfortable ride, can be fitted with large-sized tyres up to 22.5″. The four-wheel air brake system with ALB (automatic load-dependent braking system) or on request hydraulic brakes with ALB ensures safe and smooth braking at high speed (up to 60 km/h).


Good equipment

The Ultrafex 1600 is equipped with high drawbar hitch and a drawbar shock absorber as standard, low drawbar hitch as optional. The innovative KENNFIXX® hose labelling for hydraulic coupling heightens safety and comfort when hydraulic lines are coupled.
The steered trailing axle, RĂśBIG scraper floor and a BEKA-MAX automatic lubrication system are available optionally alongside the electrohydraulic controller, where all functions are controlled directly from the terminal in the tractor.