At Farmtech, we decided to pay more attention to the topic of fertilization. Mainly because the method of fertilizing has changed considerably in recent years and become more demanding due to legislation and European directives, which change and supplement relatively quickly. Human habits and beliefs, on the other hand, change very slowly. Many people do not realize that “correct” fertilizing with organic fertilizers has the greatest impact on the profitability of agriculture and reduces the need to buy mineral fertilizers. For adequate and effective fertilization, we need to know the content of the soil, the nutrient requirements of the plants and, of course, the type or method of fertilization. This is our biggest challenge and goal at the same time – to show farmers and users the importance of correct and adequate fertilization, and at the same time offer a modern solution. I am sure that we as a society will gradually understand that this is an opportunity for everyone, for a better tomorrow – for easier, more financially efficient and more environmentally friendly cultivation. And at the same time, I believe that this is the answer for the future that Farmtech offers today.