Uninon of brothers from Goričko

The Perša family farm has developed enormously recently under the leadership of the youngest of three brothers, Matej Perša.The farm, located in a rather hilly region in the border settlement of Fikšinci in the west of Goričko in Slovenia, is active in several areas – it breeds 350 head of cattle, produces over half a million litres of milk a year and cultivates 170 hectares of land.


“Where there is will, there is strength and a way!”

Matej Perša

The right path

The primary activity of the Perša farm from Fikšinci is cattle breeding. With 350 units of the breeds Charolais and Limousin – including dairy, mother cows and fattening cows – it ranks amongst the largest farms in the region. The first beginnings of the farm date back to 1904, and the foundations of the present farm were laid by the father in the 1980s, which was upgraded by the sons. The swift development of the farm followed a major investment in 2015, when a new modern barn was erected in the immediate vicinity of the land. “The entire investment was not small, but in the long run it turned out to be the right one,” explains the owner and young acquirer Matej Perša and continues: “In addition to free movement and well-being, the open barn also allows livestock to graze intensively on nearby pastures.”

A wide range of activities

Today, the Perša family farms on a total of 170 hectares. Most of the crop is used to feed their own animals and any seasonal surpluses are sold to the nearby Mlinopek mill. An important activity of the farm is milk production, as up to 1,500 litres of milk are produced per day. “We are constantly looking at how we can improve the conditions for animals, as well-being and health come first – and only then will the animals be more vital and the milk better,” says Perša. They are also specialized in selling fresh meat and beef with a focus on domestic customers and the local market. “We could certainly obtain higher prices abroad, but we are loyal to local customers, with whom we work on a long-term basis and successfully,” he says, adding that the current market situation enables stable business.


Everyone gets to work

All work on the farm is done by family members – three brothers with families, only one person is additionally employed – so good organisation and connection are key to a smooth and flawless operation. “We are a small team with several responsibilities, therefore the tasks on the farm are divided. When necessary, we all get to work and, of course, help each other,” says Perša, proud of his team. Thus, joint lunches and evening gatherings are part of everyday life, where everything is discussed, including new investments and fleet expansions. They are actively investing in modernisation, as they simply need help with quality and reliable machinery to carry out all the work on the farm.


New acquisition

So far, transport tippers have been rented during the harvest season, while the 35-year-old Tehnostroj tipper has been used for minor needs, so they are excited about the new acquisitions before the peak of this year’s harvest season. “The season is getting shorter every year. The weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. And the harvest time is a special time,” explains Perša. “We have been thinking about a new trailer for a long time and this year we have finally taken a step towards purchasing,” the conversation partner adds with satisfaction and continues: “We were looking for something universal with a high volume – for harvesting all crops, i.e. bulk and granular material and silage. We found all this in the DDK 2400 tri-axle tipping trailer, which perfectly fits our needs.”


First impressions great

Already the first rides showed that the right choice was made. “With its robustness, the trailer proves what it is capable of,” emphasizes Perša. On the advice of a Farmtech salesman, Tomaž Sečko, a trailer adorned with state-of-the-art equipment has been jointly defined – third extension boards with automatic silage doors, cargo tarpaulins, wide tires to minimise soil compaction… “Our machines have to do a lot of work instead of us. Safety, driving comfort and handling are also decisive in the choice, after all, this facilitates long working days,” says Perša. Despite the fact that there are only a few flat surfaces in this area, the trailer with a 40-cubic-meter loading volume is not too big. “Three axles are certainly safer on a slope, but they also need to be pulled uphill,” says Perša confidently, but sees no problems in the long run, as a new, more powerful tractor is already planned.

Looking into the future

His father’s life goal – to create a modern farm – has already surpassed with the union of brothers with joint efforts, but he does not intend to stop there. Their desire is to upgrade many other things and expand and further develop the farm and their activity. “We do all this with heart and joy. For further development, it will be necessary to follow the instinct and make and implement the right decisions,” says Perša, the mastermind of the farm, about plans for the future. “Everyone has their own goals, desires, dreams… and I am firmly convinced that I will soon live my own dreams,” concludes Perša.