Tri-axle tipping trailer DDK 2400

A high-performance transport technology with high capacity, highest operating comfort and long working life is the basis of modern agriculture. The model DDK meets the highest demands in terms of quality, performance and features.

The DDK tipper is especially suitable for long transport distances and convinces with extremely large load capacity, fast and easy loading and discharge, simple handling and maximum safety.


  • Chassis

    Sturdy frame made from steel square tube 260 x 140 x 14,2 mm, trapezoidal tipping frame, parabolic springs, strong ball rim bearing 1100 mm, preparation for trailer coupling, underride guard with commercial LED road lighting system (EU) 2015/208, rear socket, wheel chocks

  • Axle

    Three heavy duty ADR-axles with 10-stud rims, track 1950 mm, axle load 12500 kg/axle, brake cam 406 x 120 mm

  • Brakes

    Hydraulic brake with a mechanical valve and ALB or dual-line airbrake system with ALB on all six wheels, continuous brake line for second trailer, separate parking brake

  • Tipping mechanism

    Ball tipping mounting with conical socket, two 5-stage hard-chromed telescoping cylinders, automatic stroke limiter, rear hydraulic connection for second trailer

  • Body

    The floor made of 5 mm steel plate, plugged corner stanchions, split steel sideboards and extension boards (FUHRMANN profile) with quick shutters, swinging and collapsible boards opening, central locking lever (left-right-rear), grain release with lever, access ladder according to accident prevention regulation (UVV), extension triangles 400 mm (front and rear), middle posts


DDK 2400
Weight & Payloads
Permitted gross weight (kg) 24000
Unladen weight (depending on configuration) (kg) 7000
Max. payload (kg) 17000
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 9540 x 2550 x 3440
Internal body dimensions (length x width) (mm) 7300 x 2416
Sidewall height (mm) 800+800
Ground clearance with standard tyres (mm) 1400
Track (mm) 1950
Axle diameter (mm) 120
Permissible speed (km/h) 40
Strong ball rim bearing (mm) 1100
Tyres 385/65 R22.5
Load volume (m³) 30,0
Usable volume (m³) 40,0
Grain release (mm) 390 x 390
Tipping cylinder levels (cylinder diameters in mm) 2 x 5 (60/75/90/105/120)
Tipping lift height (mm) 3000
Tipping angle backwards (degrees) 48
Tipping angle sidewards (degrees) 45
Power requirements (kW / HP) > 108 / 145
Required amount of oil (liter) 45

Optional equipment

    • Tyres 425/65 R22.5|WP|HN805|165K
    • Tyres 550/45-22.5"|BKT|648|159A8|16
    • Tyres 550/45-22.5"|BKT|648|166A8|20
    • Tyres 560/45 R22.5|BKT|630|152D
    • Spare wheel – serial (other dimensions price serial+1/6 the charge value of the selected tyres)
    • Spare wheel carrier (not for tyres 550/45-22.5", 560/45 R22.5)
    • Side underride guard (required for AT at 40 km/h)
    • Extra rear line for brakes

    • Extra hydraulic rear line
    • Y-drawbar
    • Rear automatic hitch for towing trailers
    • Removable light protection
    • Third extension boards 600 mm – completely collapsible (applies to new purchase only)
    • Front third extension board from grid (standard for silage)
    • Silage flap – hydraulic lift (800+800 mm)
    • Hydraulic rear wall with silage with third extension (800+800+600 mm)

    • Hydraulic sideboards opening (left or right)
    • Front access platform
    • Roll-over tarp with front access platform
    • Automatic Flip-Top tarpaulin with hydraulic drive
    • Grain funnel
    • Grain funnel over the entire rear side
    • Toolbox (600 x 400 x 470 mm) with carriers
    • Painting in other RAL colour – base
    • Painting in other RAL colour – body

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