Slurry tanker SUPERCIS 500

Designed to offer an alternative for farm operators who need extra slurry spreading capacity at peak times, but need to keep an eye on costs.

SUPERCIS series have self-supporting galvanized tanks with baffles for maximum stability. The vehicle axle and drawbar are connected by two sturdy longitudinal reinforcements, which also carry all supply lines (air, oil, electricity) and protect them from mechanical damage. The drawbar height can be adjusted among several levels. By swivelling the drawbar, it can be switched from clevis to hitch coupling as a standard feature. Hydraulic drawbar suspension is available as an option.


  • Chassis

    Integrated chassis frame, fully galvanized, drawbar with height adjustment device (low and high mounting), drawbar eye D40, stable underrun protection with integrated lighting and turn signal, parking brake, wheel jack with semi-automated turnover and spring

  • Axle

    Heavy duty ADR-axle with 10-stud rims, track 1850 mm, axle load 12500 kg/axle at 25 km/h and 11500 kg/axle at 40 km/h, brake cam 400 x 80 mm, brake load 8170 kg/axle at 40 km/h

  • Barrel body

    Fully galvanized barrel body with wall thickness 5 mm, integrated baffle, connections for suction and discharge lines with quick coupler, slurry shovel with hydraulic actuation, level indicator, dome valve and siphon with sight glass, manhole cover at the back, hose storage brackets left and right, manometer

  • Compressor

    JUROP PN 58 with overpressure safety valve, flow rate at atm. pressure 6500 l/min, max. overpressure 1.0 bar, power requirement 6.6 kW


Weight & Payloads
Barrel capacity (L) 5200 8200
Barrel body dimensions (D x L) (mm) 1400 x 3540 1600 x 4350
Wall thickness (mm) 5 5
Suction line (m) 6" (2 m + 3 m) 6" (2 m + 3 m)
Max. payload (kg) 1960 2580
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 5590 x 2420 x 2340 6630 x 2550 x 2640
Track (mm) 1850 1950
Axle diameter (mm) 90 130
Permissible speed (km/h) 25 25
Tyres 550/60-22.5" 600/55-26.5"
Power requirements (kW / HP) > 47 / 63 > 59 / 78

Optional equipment

  • Tyres 385/65 R22.5, Tyres 445/65 R22.5; Tyres 560/60 R22.5; Tyres 600/50 R22.5, Tyres 600/50-22.5"; 40 km/h version; Brake installation with ALB; Rear underride guard; Towing eye D50 mm; Towing eye ball K80; Wide-angle PTO drive shaft WALTERSCHEID; Plastic mudguard with carrier; Hydraulic drawbar adjustment with vibration damping; Additional slider 6"; Downslope application – hydraulically switchable; 6" exact distributor; 6" Möscha distributor; Silencer oil separator; Vacuum pump JUROP PN 84 (air flow 9000 l/min) instead of JUROP PN 58; Ladder

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