Special crop spreader VARIOFEX 750

For special types of cultivation, like vineyards, orchards and field vegetable farming, compact, manoeuvrable, very sturdy spreaders are in demand. The new Variofex series spreaders for special crops combine all these qualities.


  • Chassis

    Robust C-profile chassis x 50 x 6 mm, low or high drawbar hitch with fix towing eye D40 mm, mechanic parking jack, wheel chocks

  • Axle

    Heavy duty ADR-axle with 6-stud rims, track 1250 mm, axle load 10900 kg/axle, brake cam 300 x 90 mm

  • Brakes

    1L Hydraulic brakes, additional parking brake

  • Body

    U-framework profile 230 mm, steel sidewalls 840 mm high, steel floor 4 mm thick, plug-in view grill, hydraulic slurry door and hydraulic flap door, passage height 1300 mm, spreading width up to 12 m

  • Floor conveyor / Drive

    Hydraulic drive with hydraulic motor and spur gear, stepless speed control, forward and reverse flow, 4 high-strength round steel chains (14 x 50 mm) with sturdy floor strips, floor conveyor feed can be easily operated from the tractor cabin, automatic chain tensioner, Wide-angle BONDIOLI drive, cam-type cut-out clutch 1500 Nm, operating at 540 rpm


Weight & Payloads
Permitted gross weight (kg) 7500
Unladen weight (depending on configuration) (kg) 2700
Max. payload (kg) 4800
Max. drawbar load (kg) 1200
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 5680 x 1650 x 2700
Internal body dimensions (length x width) (mm) 3170 x 1260
Sidewall height (mm) 840
Passage width x Passage height (mm) 1300 x 1180
Ground clearance with standard tyres (mm) 1100
Track (mm) 1250
Axle diameter (mm) 80/90
Permissible speed (km/h) 25
Towing eye D40
Tyres 19.0/45-17"
Load volume (m³) 4,9
Feed shaft D40
Chains (quantity, breaking load in tons) 2, 14 x 50 mm
Power requirements (kW / HP) 70 / 94

Optional equipment

    • Tyres 15.0/55-17"|BKT|AW|149A8
    • Tyres 19.0/45-17"|BKT|AS504|146A8
    • Tyres 19.0/45-17"|BKT|AW|156A8
    • Tyres 19.0/45-17"|VRED|FLOT|146A8
    • Tyres 400/60-15.5"|BKT|AW|151A8
    • Hand brake instead of hydraulic (only for AT)

    • 1L Hydraulic brake with a mechanical valve and manual regulator
    • Dual-line airbrake system
    • Drawbar extension
    • Towing eye D40 mm reversible
    • Towing eye D50 mm fix
    • Towing eye ball K80
    • Extension boards 350 mm sided

    • Without hydraulic slurry door
    • Electro-hydraulic control for scraper floor, adjustable from tractor cab
    • Side spreading device (angle adjustable on both sides)
    • Wide axle with track width 1900 mm – mountain version
    • Hydraulic steering axle (track width 1250 mm) with centring, axle diameter 90 mm
    • Rear view camera with monitor

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