Rebranding: Farmtech presents itself in a new design

In order to convey our innovative strength, our pursuit for sustainability and our lead in the field of digitalization even stronger to the outside world, our brand identity needs to be revised.

December 13, 2021

10 years after our last brand project, it is time to think about whether the current brand identity still fits our identity, because we have evolved in many areas. While the topic of innovation accompanies us now as it was then, the topics of sustainability and digitalization have been increasingly becoming the focus of our activities for several years. In order to convey this to the outside world, we decided to rebrand the appearance.

Fresh colors, modern design and strong stories should symbolize our innovative strength in the future. In addition, the graphic development of the logo, the fonts and the color concept should optimize the Farmtech brand especially for digital use in order to make our pioneering role in digitization visible. Ultimately, our new motto 'Farming for future' reflects our approach to sustainability.

Another aspect for the revision of the corporate design lies in the idea of ​​a holistic brand identity, because Farmtech has been part of the Komptech Group for nearly 25 years. Since then, this affiliation has been visible in the coordinated design. Now that Komptech has revised its entire brand identity, it is only natural to follow this step. In the future, certain elements of the design will even more rely to those of Komptech to symbolize the long-standing, successful cooperation and strong cohesion.

The official go-live of the new brand identity is planned for spring 2022, but until then we have to be patient a little longer. To shorten the wait for you, here is an exclusive sneak peek.
Stay tuned!