These many crops include corn and pumpkin seed, common wheat, rye and barley, carrots, spinach, green beans, green peas, winter beans and sugar beet. This diversity, which needs to be brought from the field to the customer, of course requires appropriate transport options.

“I researched for a long time because I wanted the best quality and most reliable technology,” explains Weiss. “That’s how I came across Farmtech and consequently Mauch. I made my wishes known there and was given the best first-hand advice.” It was primarily important not to exceed the permitted total length with the tractor. Furthermore, the most robust construction possible, “well-known” axles and good driving characteristics were required.

The result was two robust 18-ton machines, namely two two-axle three-way trailers Farmtech ZDK 1800. “I’ve used both of them in practice several times,” says the farmer. “The price-performance ratio is definitely right and the quality is very good. With a tractor from 130 to 150 hp you can easily tow fully loaded trailers. In our region even more because it is mainly flat.”