New cargo protection tarpaulin Farm-Top

To make covering the load as quick and easy as possible for everyone involved, Farmtech introduces its new Farm-Top cargo protection tarpaulin.


Properly covered trailer

Currently, in almost all EU countries there is no legal obligation regarding the protection of agricultural transport loads. However, Section 22 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) clearly defines how the load must be stowed: it must not slip, tip over, roll back and forth, fall or generate avoidable noise. With the new Farm-Top tarpaulin system from Farmtech, you are now on the safe side.

Light, fast, safe

Farmtech’s tarpaulin Farm-Top is an innovative solution for fast, reliable and safe cargo protection. It is much more efficient than other classic systems. Advantage: With the Farm-Top there is no more dangerous and unnecessary climbing on and off the platform or the laborious manual opening and closing. Another plus point: the simple operation takes place hydraulically directly from the tractor cab and thus ensures shorter loading and unloading times compared to the classic tarpaulin. Opening and closing the tarpaulin takes just over 10 seconds. Farm-Top can also be retrofitted to all common Farmtech trailers – models ZDK, TDK and DDK.


Coverage for every need

Regardless of whether it is a classic trailer, a mulde trailer or a push-off wagon: Farmtech offers solutions for the correct load protection of all types of transport trailers either on order or as a retrofit – available as version Farm-Roll side-roll tarpaulin, Farm-Top tarpaulin, Cramaro® Cabriolé sliding tarpaulin or Cramaro® Flip-Tarp System. When buying a new trailer, it is advisable to order a suitable tarpaulin at the same time, existing Farmtech trailers can be easily retrofitted.


Your benefits of the Farm-Top tarpaulin:

– Quick, easy and correct cargo protection.
– Shorter loading and unloading times compared to the standard tarp.
– Easy handling and higher security.
– Greater transport efficiency through universal application options.
– A more cost-effective alternative.