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Seven reasons for Polycis

The new Polycis slurry tanker with a unique and innovative fertilization system will be available in two different versions: Polycis 1100 with a capacity of 11,000 liters or Polycis 1550 with a capacity of 15,500 liters.


Seven reasons why you will love Polycis, the new polyester slurry tanker:

  1. Automatic suction arm
    Coupling the suction arm without leaving the towing vehicle for comfort and maximum efficiency.
  2. Drawbar
    Height-adjustable drawbar with optional damping for the best possible ride comfort.
  3. Cavity Pump
    Maximum operational safety and highest delivery rate for a quick filling process.
  4. Plastic barrel body
    Reduction of gross weight by using ultra-modern glass fiber reinforced plastic.
  5. Tyres
    Greatest possible low-pressure tires to prevent soil compaction and reduce traction resistance.
  6. Cultivation
    Various attachments for soil conditioning and treatment offers numerous possibilities.
  7. Trailing shoe system
    Best possible distribution of slurry by plant-saving storage of manure in grassland and farmland.