Customer story: a self-conffessed Farmtech fan

“It might sound a bit strange,” jokes David Moser from Bad Zell in Upper Austria. “But I’m a Farmtech fan. I am so happy with my tandem trailer that my new slurry tanker had to wear the same logo. And now it does.”


In detail, it is a Farmtech slurry tanker model Supercis 800 that now takes care of the low slurry distribution in the region Mühlviertel.

“It will be mandatory in the next few years anyway,” Moser is certain. “And I thought to myself, ‘Why not switch over now’? There is certainly nothing wrong with being a little ahead of time.”
Said. Done. And so, it also has its optical charm when Moser stands out in the field with his Fendt 516 and the new Farmtech slurry tanker including trailing shoe distributor. He cultivates about 60 hectares of fields and another 20 hectares of grassland. The required natural fertilizer is provided by 150 fattening bulls, which have been kept on the farm as a single species since 2016.


“What do I like about the tanker?” the farmer repeats the question asked. “Actually everything. frame and construction. Its compactness and of course the trailing shoe distributor. In addition, it is very wide and therefore safe to drive. And that’s great for me, because I have a lot of sloping areas where liquid manure needs to be distributed. Not only grassland but also fields.”

By the way, it was at the Tulln trade fair that Moser, Farmtech and Mauch first came into contact. “Right,” he confirms. “The Farmtech action models were on display there back then. And that’s how the trailer came to me. And gradually more and more Farmtech products.”


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