Farmtech Dealer of the Year 2022: ZG Raiffeisen Technik

For the third year, Farmtech has been awarding the best dealer of the brand, and this-year’s prestigious title “Farmtech Dealer of the year” for 2022 was awarded to the German company ZG Raiffeisen Technik.


Farmtech dealer network has shown exceptional efficiency in the past year, and it even exceeded our expectations in some areas. “We are proud of our partners, who, despite the uncertain economic situation, continue to operate successfully and co-create the vision of the Farmtech brand,” said Miha Korošec, Sales Manager at Farmtech.

Farmtech Dealer of the Year is ZG Raiffeisen Technik

The Farmtech Dealer of the Year award started in 2020 – it is a prestigious recognition awarded to the best Farmtech dealer in regard to several key business areas. The prestigious title “Farmtech Dealer of the Year” for 2022 was awarded to ZG Raiffeisen Technik from Germany. This title is a result of hard work and commitment to excellence, shown at ZG Raiffeisen Technik.


Cooperation ZG Raiffeisen Technik – Farmtech

When receiving the award, the manager of ZG Raiffeisen Technik, Jochen Schneider, thanked for the honor and emphasized that cooperation and partnership, that have been lasting for more than 20 years, are extremely important and valuable. “We began in 2000 when we first visited the company in Ljutomer and were convinced with the high quality in production, diverse portfolio and reliable staff,” proudly says Schneider. At the same time, he expressed hope for successful mutual cooperation and partnership in the future.


About ZG Raiffeisen Technik

ZG Raiffeisen Technik Group, with headquarters in Karlsruhe in Germany, offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for agriculture, forestry, construction, industry, municipalities and gardeners. They offer new and used tractors, modern machinery for preparation of land, sowing and plant protection, and services for agriculture, forestry, construction, industry, municipalities and gardeners. Their offer is complemented with innovative feeding systems and solutions for smart farming. The group operates in four sales regions with more than 500 employees at almost 50 locations.


Symbolic present – a statue

The “horse” statue, an artwork of the renowned Slovenian artist Robert Jurak, represents a symbolic gift that is received by the Farmtech dealer of the year. This sculpture carries the message of towing and horsepower which are crucial for each Farmtech product, and it also symbolizes energy and growth which drive the mission of Farmtech brand. At the same time, the horse symbolizes the coat of arms of Ljutomer, a city where Farmtech is located. It is also an interesting fact that the statuette is made exclusively of Farmtech waste material which emphasizes their commitment to sustainable development.

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