Marko Fašalek is considered a demanding buyer who knows exactly what he needs and always strives for the best. Despite his long-standing support for the Farmtech brand, he made a conscious decision to invest in a new slurry tanker. “I wanted to upgrade our existing galvanized slurry tanker with a distribution system, and after looking at the various options, I decided on the Farmtech brand, specifically the Ultracis 1550 model with a 15m distribution system Condor 15.0,” says Fašalek and adds that in the end, among the entire selection, this one offered the best price -quality ratio. During the purchase, he worked closely with Farmtech salesman Oton Bogdan and authorized Alma Agro dealer Martin Kraner, who provided him with excellent support in choosing a tanker. “Farmtech is a renowned brand and a local one at that. Thus, we arrived at the optimal configuration and figured out all the details of the order quickly and flawlessly,” says Fašalek upon taking over the new composition. An additional benefit for him is the proximity of Farmtech in case the equipment needs to be serviced.