Ground-level application works

In the Austrian district of Braunau, near the Innviertel region, Anton Friedl and his family live in the quiet village of Uttendorf. But there is a lot going on at the Ingerl farm. In addition to breeding cows and calves and fattening bulls, they also do contract work. A lot of work, therefore, for which a suitable slurry tank with a low-discharge system should save the necessary time.


“There’s something going on with slurry distribution!”

Anton Friedl

They distribute 3,800 m3 of slurry on their own land and a further 4,500 m3 on contract land. This is already a considerable amount, which Anton Friedl uses to fertilise grassland and arable land. “With the Farmtech Polycis 1400 slurry tanker and the Condor 15.0 trailing shoe distribution system with a working width of 15 metres, slurry distribution is much easier,” says the farmer. “I particularly like the electro-hydraulic profi control system, the robust construction and the clean workmanship. And the ability of the drawbar to adapt to uneven ground makes spreading slurry even easier.”


There are other Farmtech and Mauch machines on the farm, such as a manure spreader. “I am very happy with the Farmtech machines. That’s why I came back to the Mauch dealer and quickly found what I needed thanks to the excellent support from the sales staff.” The proximity of the dealer and the excellent price/performance ratio of the new machine were the deciding factors in the purchase.
“All in all, I can recommend not only my new purchase, but also Mauch’s s customer-oriented approach. They are also available outside normal working hours. That is really unique!” says Friedl emphatically. He mentions that the slurry tanker has now been used several times and has worked great.

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