Home of the Best Carrots

Agricultural holding Medveđ, now working in their fourth generation, has become a synonym for production of quality carrots. The story began almost thirty years ago in a small town of Begeč in Serbia, when Janko Medveđ fully dedicated himself and specialized in carrot production. He has been continuing the tradition with his son Duško.


“Quality is crucial!”

Duško Medveđ

Dedication to work

Welcome to the “House of carrots”, said the Medveđ family to welcome us in Begeč in Serbia. Agricultural holding Medveđ is specialized in carrot production and works on 585 hectares of land, 135 hectares of which are intended exclusively for carrot production. “We put great commitment and passion into the whole process – from sowing to harvest, packaging and distribution on the market,” proudly say owners Janko and Duško Medveđ. The family business produces fresh, delicious and quality carrots throughout the year. High quality of their carrots is a result of exceptional natural conditions and traditional knowledge and experience they have been gathering through the years. “The land along the Danube is known for its fertility and ideal conditions for vegetable production – we have used this potential to the maximum,” says Duško who has been involved in the farm since his childhood. “I am a farmer with my heart and with my soul. It is something I was born with,” he proudly smiles. Janko, Duško’s father, adds that the business requires a great deal of dedication, patience and also sacrifice.

Most of the carrots are exported

Agricultural holding Medveđ annually produces up to 8 thousand tons of carrots. A large part of this amount, approximately 60 percent, is exported to the former Yugoslav republics and to the neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and others. The rest is sold in the home market under their own brand or directly to distributors and supermarket chains. Every harvest strengthens their position as the lead producer of fresh carrots in the region. The earned their reputation with exceptional quality, dedication to farming and with family tradition. Duško reveals their recipe for success: “Quality is the key. A quality product practically sells itself.” They have 6 thousand tons of storage capacities to guarantee availability and optimum storage conditions throughout the year. This facilitates preservation of quality and freshness of the product. A team of approximately 20 employees provides continuous production and work in the fields, and seasonal workers may be included at the peak of the season if needed.


The importance of crop rotation

“Our main advantage is carrot production,” says Janko Medveđ. They grow other standard crops on the remaining areas of the agricultural holding, such as wheat, soy, sunflowers and corn. This practice is crucial for crop rotation which is necessary for maintaining of soil fertility. A four-year crop rotation is typically used for carrots, and they have been adhering to it strictly. Duško points out that carrot production is a precise and difficult task compared to standard crops. Carrots are also a big spender of humus and water; therefore, it is important to consider and appropriately manage these factors during production. “Despite all our efforts, time and weather conditions represent our biggest challenge. This season included significant weather fluctuations which will affect the lower yield and quality than we initially expected,” says Duško.


Key to efficient transport: Farmtech

There is no room for compromise in transportation of products they sell in the market. That is why they use and trust the Farmtech trailers. Their fleet includes six ZDK 1800 double axle tipping trailers and one Durus 3000 dump tipper that provide an efficient and safe transport of crops from the fields. “Farmtech is a brand we have known since the times of Tehnostroj. Quality and reliability were never an issue, and that is why we have been purchasing these trailers for a long time,” points out Duško who can show an impressive modern fleet of machinery. Speed, safety and reliability are very important in crop transportation. “The time frame is very limited during the harvest, which means that selection of the right transport solutions is crucial for success. And trailers ZDK 1800 have proven to be indispensable in crop transportation. Their capacity, durability, and design facilitate efficient transportation and at the same time provide safe and stable driving on rough terrains,” says Duško.


High level of trust

They use crates and special transportation in carrot harvest, while the 18-ton double axle trailers ZDK 1800 are perfect for transportation of various crops, such as wheat, soy, sunflowers and corn. All trailers include a sheet, and the last four that we purchased also have the Flip-top sheet system which facilitates fast, reliable and safe protection of cargo directly from the tractor cabin. “In the summer, all processes must run without interruptions and the machinery must be ready for use,” adds Duško. The Durus 3000 dump tipper has proven to be an indispensable tool for management of demanding logistical challenges, such as transport of soil or humus. “We have established a high level of trust with Farmtech. Excellent cooperation with Inter Agrar merchant strengthens and upgrades this cooperation,” points out Duško and commends the always available support and service. “We would need two more ZDK 1800 trailers for the next season that would additionally facilitate the harvest,” he adds with a smile.

Work as pleasure

They have continuously grown and expanded the agricultural holding in the past years. “After continuous growth, we want to stay where we are and preserve the tradition of family farming,” Duško explains his point of view. They are not afraid for the future of the farm as they already have an heir who has curiously started to learn about the business at the age of two. The amount of work and commitments is indeed high during the summer months, but the passion for farming and running the business drives them forward. “Things sometimes just work, and sometimes they don’t. Responsibility is required, but modern machinery also makes it much more comfortable than it used to be. And yes, we could do more work and expand our production with own machinery, but we favor quality and free time over quantity. This is an important factor and we try to organize work in order to maximize every moment in an efficient manner. It is important to enjoy work,” concludes Duško.