Efficiency and sustainability hand in hand

Agricultural Holding Ljutomerčan focused on agriculture and pig farming, has recently made an important investment to enhance their sustainability and efficiency. With 50 years of tradition and vast industry experience, they manage 500 hectares of land and breed 18,000 pigs per year, making them one of the largest agricultural holdings in Slovenia.


Rich tradition and experience

Ljutomerčan d.o.o., located at the heart of the Prlekija region, is the successor of Viticulture-Livestock Combine Ljutomer and has been a part of the Puklavec Family Group since 2009. For more than fifty years, the company has been engaged in agriculture and pig farming. They cultivate several crops on their 500 hectares mainly focusing on maize, wheat, barley, and rapeseed. Half of the produce is for their own consumption, and the remaining is sold. Their pig farm breeds 18,000 piglets per year, selling finishers for further fattening to buyers in Slovenia, but also Austria and Croatia.

Investment is the key to existence and progress

Agricultural Holding Ljutomerčan, who have been involved in an animal welfare breeding program since 2014, are faced with changing trends – especially due to uncertainties in pig farming – which is why they are somewhat cautious in their investment decisions. Despite this, they are aware of the importance of further investments and development. A new modern farm was completed at the outskirts of Ljutomer – specifically in Cven – in mid-2023, which will facilitate the increase and expansion of pig farming. “The new pig harm will have a larger capacity, will allow expansion possibilities and will meet up-to-date standards, while providing the best living conditions for the animals,” proudly states director Miha Kuhar. “Modern equipment will also facilitate the work and allow for better control at the farm,” points our Kuhar who is very excited that the existing and deteriorated farm in the city will be decommissioned and that the new location will provide better opportunities for development. “Moreover, the smell will vanish,” he adds.


A more than necessary investment

But this isn’t their only recent addition. Agricultural holdings are facing many challenges that require the use of hi-tech equipment and up-to-date methods to improve efficiency and productivity – and Ljutomerčan is no exception. They have been investing considerably in upgrading and enhancing their farm machinery to keep pace with industry trends. Outdated equipment, particularly in transport and slurry fertilization, has been causing issues. They resolved the issue with Farmtech’s 20,000-litre Polycis 2000 slurry tanker and an 18-metre Condor 18.0 slurry distribution system. “Besides the features, the decision for this purchase was also affected by the fact that we are literally neighbours in Ljutomer, which would be convenient for service needs,” remarked Miha Kuhar who also pointed out the fact that Farmtech let them test the tanker before purchasing it. “We are linked by several successfully projects and through a long-standing partnership,” Kuhar added.


Reducing smell and losses

Since the purchase last year, the Polycis tanker has completed over 150 transports and they are very happy with their choice and the operation as the tanker has not only improved the work process and profitability – which is essential in this industry – but also sustainability. “The tanker with the system proved to be the right choice, although we were initially looking at larger versions with three axles,” says Timotej Klement, head of agriculture at the company. They are mostly pleased by the fact that the new investment reduced the unpleasant smell when spreading the slurry, which is thanks to the low output system of the slurry with distribution pipes and towing plowshares. “The stench and unpleasant smell have been troubling many around us, but the fact is that our lots are located at the edge of town and we cannot change this,” states Miha Kuhar and points out that they adhere to good agricultural practices in their work – suitability of the soil and weather conditions when spreading slurry. He also believes that the new acquisitions will change this or have already started changing it. People at Ljutomerčan are also aware that the losses of nitrogen with the low-output system are significantly lower than the ones with a classical spreader – which means that the efficiency will also improve.


Wide selection

“Despite its complexity, the tanker and its system provide excellent functionality and are also simple to use and maintain,” says Timotej Klement, who is delighted that his small team now has a professional machine that brings pleasure to their daily tasks. The tractor’s chassis allows for comfortable driving on both roads and fields, and big tyres reduce the pressure on the soil. The powerful pump guarantees fast pumping and all necessary functions can be easily managed from the tractor cabin. Based on this positive experience, the company plans to add another tanker in the near future, which we expect will also be provided by Farmtech.


Trust in Farmtech

The vehicle fleet of Ljutomerčan does not include only tankers – their yard contains a vast portfolio of other machines and equipment – several of them made by Farmtech – from a Durus 2000 trailer, a three axis DDK 2400 trailer, to two-height trailers from the Yugoslavian era. They trust Farmtech as its products helps them with daily tasks at the holding throughout the year. “During intensive harvesting and seasonal surpluses, the most important thing is that the machines are faultless and operational, and that they don’t let us down,” concludes Timotej Klement.