Zlatibor delicacies

From its establishment in 1992 until today, the family-owned company Zlatiborac d.o.o. from Serbia with the brand of the same name stands on solid foundations and has a long-term vision for development – to offer top-quality meat products that combine tradition, nature and innovation. These foundations were laid by the Stojanović family, which, under the leadership of owner Aleksandar, has been closely associated with Farmtech since its inception.


“Absolutely authentic ”


Delicacies from unspoiled nature

The Zlatiborac company’s production is located exactly where the tradition began – in the unspoiled nature of the village of Mačkat on Zlatibor in Serbia. The Zlatiborac brand represents the quality of dry and smoked meats and other products, with their portfolio consisting of more than 60 different types. They maintain original recipes, recognizable flavours and quality standards. Today, their production facilities cover more than 40,000 m², on the very spot where the first family curing room, which is more than 130 years old, stands. The impressive factory in Mačkat and four regional business centres in Serbia employ more than 850 people, while the products are available in thousands of sales points throughout Serbia and Europe. The family’s success is based on the family concept, so all family members are involved in the business, especially sons Mirko and Lazar Stojanović.

Traditional activities

Located in the Dinaric Alps, Zlatibor and its surroundings are famous for many ethnic villages and have always been considered a symbol of sheep farming – one of the oldest activities in this region. The Stojanović family, which is focused on the Zlatiborac brand and its success, has not given up this traditional activity. They have 600 sheep of the local authentic breed, which do best at an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level, and breed up to 1,500 lambs annually, which they sell on to regular customers. In the summer – the greensward season – the sheep graze on the 100 hectares they have at their disposal. On the remaining 20 hectares, they grow traditional crops such as wheat, rye and corn, which they use entirely for silage for domestic bulky feed. In the winter, the sheep spend their time in barns, where they have shelter and food in a warm place – it is during this time that they produce large quantities of organic manure, which they use as fertilizer and which must be spread during the season.


Courage and vision

The visionary spirit of the Stojanović family showed itself already in the 90s, when they were looking for a modern manure spreader and found it with Farmtech’s predecessor, Tehnostroj. Aleksandar had enough courage and vision to set out on a journey to Slovenia, where he bought the first spreader directly at the company’s headquarters. This machine is still part of their fleet today and stands on the Stojanović estate. In addition, they also have the previous generation Superfex 700 7-ton spreader and, from last year, the new 16-ton Ultrafex 1600 top-of-the-line spreader. “To do a good job, you need good machines. We were looking for something bigger and more suitable – of course from Farmtech, as we were impressed by the durability of the predecessors,” says son Mirko. So, they chose the new generation Ultrafex 1600 spreader, which is best suited for use with a towing vehicle. “The Superfex 700 is still in excellent condition, but it proved to be too small for our needs,” adds Lazar.


No compromises

The Stojanović family turn to Agro-Vesta and its director Saša Arsić for the purchase of agricultural machinery, from whom they also purchased the new machine. When purchasing agricultural machinery, the Stojanović family turned to Agro-Vesta and its director Saša Arsić, from whom they also purchased the new machine. Although the Ultrafex 1600 looks similar in design to the previous versions, it has improved technical features and driving characteristics, which is crucial for the demanding terrain on which the Stojanović family surfaces are located. “The new spreader is robust, excellent in the field or on the road, even considering the weight and centre of gravity, it does not bounce or stress,” emphasizes Mirko, who, despite his many obligations and busy schedule, always finds time to work with the machines, which makes him happy and relaxed. “Working with machines is a pleasure for me, it is also my passion and often my office. And when I have even a little bit of time, I’m happy to get behind the wheel,” he says. This also gives him a first-hand impression of what is needed to achieve even greater efficiency and profitability.


Relaxed comfort

The Ultrafex 1600 spreader has seen a lot of use over the past six months. More than a hundred jobs have already been completed and the family is very pleased with its performance. Equipped with the latest technology, it ensures not only high efficiency and optimal spreading, but also maximum comfort while working. It is easily and conveniently controlled from the tractor cab and has a wide range of equipment. During silage, it is used to transport various silages, as by changing the spreading device with the silage door, the spreader turns into a trailer. Mirko points out that this accessory is really great and praises the versatility of the machine, which was a key factor in their purchase decision. The open, personal and long-term partnership relationship they have with the Farmtech dealer Agro-Vesta and with director Saša Arsić will certainly continue in the future when it comes to implementing new ideas. “Our expectations from machine suppliers include advice, good service and quick problem solving,” he says and is already thinking about the future. “I’ve warmed to the new Supercis slurry tanker, which would be used to transport drinking water for the sheep,” he adds. Their ideas do not stop only at machinery and agriculture, but are much more ambitious, so the future of the Zlatiborac company is focused on business success and excellence.